Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Update from Birdsong

I am so excited, I only have a few repeats left to finish Mountain Stream. I have fallen into a rhythm with this pattern and am very pleased, following Margene's borrowed mantra to admire my work often so that I can catch any mistakes. There have been a few. I am using a slightly thicker yarn, Garnstudio Silke-Woole, and also knit looser than most people, so that even with dropping down a size, have ended up with a scarf that is wider than the pattern. I also have enough yarn left that I may add a repeat or two; still debating, but at least the chance to wear this scarf before summer seems realistic, especially considering that it won't stop raining here in the Sierras!

Mountain Peaks is progressing too, although not as rapidly. On Sunday, I started a second version, using size 3 needles, and was much happier with the results. Here is a photo at the end of the top chart, just before inserting a lifeline, which I was extremely grateful for last night, when the yarn became tangled and I accidentally jerked part of the work off the needle... however I am much happier with this version, the stitches are sliding along like good little stitches, and I may even finish this year!

Now we're talking lace!


At 5:18 AM, Blogger Laura said...

heh Sliding along like good little stitches. SO VERY IMPORTANT!! Looks very pretty.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Mt. Stream. I'll be starting mine in the next few days I hope.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Looks great!

It is so important to read your knitting. Now that I have been knitting lace A LOT more, I find that once I understand the pattern I can spot when I am off and correct the mistake as I go!

Good luck with your shawl.


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