Friday, May 26, 2006

How is everybody doing?

I frogged mine. I may be the only knitter on earth who feels this way, but I just hated the Kidsilk Haze - gasp!

So, to the frog pond, the pattern is just beautiful, but the yarn was not working for me.

I have already chosen a new yarn:


The two skeins on the left are already wound in two balls, ready to be knitted.

I've got mail

I have received this from Miriam

and I just love it. Beautiful colours and soft, soft yarn. I keep it close to my knitting chair so I can touch it every now and then.

I have been knitting on my scarf, too but the weather in Denmark is not mohair weather right now so I haven't touched it for a while. I enjoy the pattern very much and the scarf will be finished when the weather allows it!

Sorry for the crappy photo. Somehow the colour of the yarn makes it almost impossible to take an acceptable photo.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

how's everyone doing?

I haven't heard from anyone on here for a while. how's everyone's projects going?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Another completed Scarf

I finished my Mountain stream scarf last week-end. Up until last Friday I only had three repeats completed. I spent Saturday and Sunday knitting on it, and finished late Sunday night. Can I just say how much I LOVE this scarf and the pattern?! The techniques used really made it fun. The surprising part...I didn't have to frog one single time. That is a big deal with lace knitting and kidsilk haze. At least for me it is! This was my first kidsilk haze project and I see what all the fuss is about. I used one ball, with a little more leftover than I expected, in Heavenly Blue. Did I mention how much I love the results? ;)

Here's a close up.

And my five year old, Emily, modeling for me. She was so thrilled that she got to touch Mommy's knitting, and didn't get in trouble, hehe. Little stinker.

Finally started

I finally started the Mountain Stream Scarf:

Mountain Streak Scarf

I was working on another lace project and my brain can't hold two lace pattern at the time, so I needed to finish that before starting this fabulous scarf.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I need a jump start

I am seriously stalled out on this piece. I haven't picked it up - except to move it about in my project bag - since I posted that I finished the first repeat of chart #1. I can't work on it while the Neatnik is awake and while she's been in school the past week, I've been making sock sized drawstring project bags. There are lots of details on my personal blog. Can someone visit me there, please, and send me some lace shawl encouragement? Thank you, thank you, thank you....trek begins to mumble unintelligibly...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the pictures I promised

sorry, the weather recently has been horrible, but I finally got the pics I wanted!

Aren't they lovely? This is two of my ongoing projects holding my most recently completed project. Isn't it beautiful?

Well, here I am with my shawl. :-) it fits so well. I love it! Aren't the colors so spring-like?

Here's a great shot of the back patterning.

And here's a close up of the colors. I made it with laceweight handspun from in the saphire purple colorway. I love this color in this shawl. It looks so much like a mountain meadow in the spring.

a big hug and thanks to my dh for taking these lovely pics.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mountain Stream Scarf

I've been working on my Mountain Stream Scarf in K1C2's Douceur et Soie and should be finishing it pretty soon. Since I took the photos last night, I've finished two more repeats - only four to go.

and a close up of the center panel


Finished and blocked!

Finished size is 11x45 inches. I ended up with enough yarn I could have put another repeat or two in, which I wish I had, but didn't want to tink out all that border.

Pattern was very clever and I was able to follow it pretty much, even though parts of turning the corners I read over and over til they made complete sense.

Thanks for creating the pattern, Susan. Now I am wondering if I have the skill and fortitude to tackle something harder, such as Mountain Peaks? And I keep thinking about joining Amazing Lace. Maybe these two are just what my summer needs.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Birdsong's Mountain Stream

I was so delighted to unpin my Mountain Stream from my blocking board this morning and wear it to work. There won't be much scarf-wearing weather ahead, just early mornings and high country evenings, but it is lovely and so is Susan for creating this wonderful pattern.

Here is the scarf blocked and drying... I made the pattern two repeats longer than stated, as I was using a different yarn, and knew I had plenty. It drapes over my shoulders on each side to a happy length, so I would buy extra yarn if needed to repeat the pattern in the future.

This close up really shows off the detail. I used Garnstudion Silke-Woole, which gave an especially "crisp" blocked outcome.

Now, onwards and upwards with Mountain Peaks!